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Garitas is a 10 photograph collection from San Juan, Puerto Rico; specifically the military stronghold from the fourteenth century.
San Juan (PR) is the oldest city under the U.S. flag. It was founded in 1511 by Juan Ponce de León, and built as a military stronghold. In it, Garitas (little shelters) were the outposts of protection for the island against attacks by sea and by land. Today, Garitas are a landmark of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

The city of San Juan is a place where you can visit 500 years of history in one day. Its forts and city walls are among the best preserved in the hemisphere. The area covers 7 square blocks of narrow cobblestone paved streets, lined with centuries old colonial homes with distinct balconies and courtyards; fortresses, and promenade. The area is dotted with antique homes, churches, and plazas that represent the Caribbean's most priceless architecture and culture.
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